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madmundo.tv tells the story of our world and our lives. On proposed themes, our reporters put themselves at the service of a citizen somewhere on the planet.

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With "Me, You, Us, All" as its motto, madmundo is a place where everybody can speak out on a equal basis.

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madmundo is a storytelling approach that is in tune with the coming era, and that crystallizes the creation of new possibilities.

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Spent over 25 years working for the BBC, both in radio and television. In Radio he was a current affairs and investigative programme producer and editor, while in TV he developed in documentary, dram...

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Mega Food Parks: a new form of Neo-Colonialism?

The purpose of Mega Food Parks is for rich countries such as Saudi Arabia or China, or rich companies, to secure food imports from poor countries such as Indonesia, Ethiopia, Sudan, Mongolia, Pakistan, India and Ukraine. But what they are proposing is an extraordinary deal...


At the beginning was Geraldo. And since the beginning, Geraldo rhymes with mad mundo.

by Patrice Barrat

It is with this "citizen-character" that we first tried , in 1999, a new storytelling approach called mad mundo. Not everybody liked that name : mad mundo. "Not positive enough" was a comment I was getting quite often. As a joke, my answer was : "well, if we succeed with the project, we might change the name into: good mundo".


But back then - and till now - I really felt - and I was not alone - the world was going crazy and that a starting point for any new media should be to acknowledge it. While doing so, mad mundo would in its own manner generate hope by siding with people, listening to them, working for them, rather than staying on the side of the Powers that Be or of the "Movers and Shakers", like most of the big media.